Portage Electric Products manufactures PEPI® thermal controls noted for their exceptional reliability in a wide variety of consumer, industrial and automotive applications.  PEPI® thermal controls are customizable to better suit any application and are available in resettable snap-action, creep-action, self-hold and disc-type configurations as well as one-shot thermal fuses

For over 25years Davidon Industries has provided professional, honest, and hands-on business experience to help customers use PEPI® thermal controls in applications and new projects.  We’ve had great success with many domestic and international customers because Davidon  has built deep trusting relationsbips.  They supply excellent technical assistance, and a solid team of well-rounded technical sales engineers and support staff to handle our customer’s ever demanding need for resources. We are proud to call Davidon Industries, Inc. family as we continue to pursue new business developments and opportunities.”

– Ted Monty, Vice-President Portage Electric Products, Inc.

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